The first impression
They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but any manager of the major bookstores will probably disagree. Although eBook covers are noticeably smaller than their traditional counterparts they are still very important in terms of selling the contents.
Because of this smaller size the design must take into account what is the most important feature to emphasise in order to convey instantly the nature of the book.
A beautifully designed cover can be the difference between the viewer taking a second look and purchasing your title or moving onto the next competitor.
Standard Cover design
Send us a brief outline of the theme of your book – whether it’s fiction or non-fiction and we will create a cover design for you. We will use stock images if you require an image for your cover. This service is ideal if you do not have the budget for specially commissioned illustration or photography. The cost for this service is £180.
Deluxe Cover design
If you would like a cover which is unique and which may require a certain type of illustration or photography then please use our quote request form.
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